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Visit Granada and enjoy a free walk with a volunteer

Granada Greeters, free city tour

Granada is an amazing city that will captivate you from the first moment.

Historic and monumental city, city of tapas, university city, congress city, welcoming and genuine people city... Greeters city!A famous tradition of hoteliers in Granada is to offer its visitors a generous and tasty "tapa" (appetizer), they get free with a drink. If you are keen on knowing Granada and its gastronomy "having tapas", you may need a Greeter to show you the most welcoming, genuine and higher quality bars, among the more than 2,000 bars of the city.

If you come to Granada, for business or leisure, in addition to your official tour with tourism professionals (recommended) book a Greeter with which you will discover all the charm of Granada: the tapas, the market "San Agustín", the Alhambra and its surroundings, the Albayzín, Sacromonte, flamenco, theater, spices, Tearooms, Alcaicería, Paseo de los Tristes, the Campo del Principe, spectacular views, the "corner bar", Arab baths, terraces , legends, water ... water flowing constantly ... and many more secrets than just the inhabitants of Granada known.

Granada ... free tapas, free greeters, free fun ... what more can you ask for? We shall be compensated if you come to enjoy with us this wonderful city and, of course, if you tell it your friends ... and repeat!


Charter of Granada Greeters

Do not forget to read the Charter of Granada Greeters HERE.

Core values

All Greeters and Greeter destinations share the same core values:

1. Greeters are volunteers, a friendly face for those visiting a city/destination
2. Greeters welcome individuals and may serve small groups of up to six people
3. Meeting a Greeter is free of charge
4. Visitors are welcomed without any kind of discrimination
5. Greeter programs support sustainable tourism. Programs respect natural and man-made environments, it brings both cultural and economical enrichment to the local communities. Programs aim for a lasting positive image of each destination.
6. Greeter programs create a mutually enriching opportunity for cultural exchange, create links between people thus creating a better world.